Zen arbitrage complaints

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Zen arbitrage complaints

These are designed to find lower priced books that you can purchase, and resell for a higher price with Fulfillment by Amazon FBA. The product that started the online book arbitrage craze? Released in the summer ofit opened to people and sold out in under one minute. After this kind of success, clone products were inevitable. So six months after Zen Arbitrage, eFlip was released. Originally, this performed basically the exact same functions as Zen Arbitrage with the exact same look down to practically the smallest detail.

A veteran in the Amazon bookselling scene, Valley does the blog fbamastery. He knows the business, but comes across as arrogant a lot of the time. New kid on the block, Caleb Roth had been selling books on Amazon for a few months before starting eFlip. Each of these are very well chosen and none are unnecessary. Even beyond the search features, Zen sorts the data in a readable format with all the data you would expect such as sales rank, FBA offers, CamelCamelCamel.

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Price drop alert feature. Average sales rank. Zen Arbitrage shows you the average sales rank across 6 months. This is HUGE!!!! Textbook-only searches: Zen has an option to only search textbooks, using their textbook-only database.

There is no way to exaggerate how great and profitable this feature is! Prep service: Zen Arbitrage has a service that basically lets you ship your books to them and they turn around and ship them to Amazon. And its not really a feature its more like totally separate service built in. Totally amazing!!!! Coming out in the wake of Zen Arbitrage, you could expect certain similarities. But the reality is that there is not much to say here because eFlip is an exact copy in most ways. The only thing I noticed that eflip has which Zen Arbitrage does not have is the FBA profit calculator automatically loads with the price of the book pre-set you must entered it manually in Zen Arbitrage.

With a very simple one-page interface, Zen Arbitrage is a slick looking, simple piece of software. Same story — simple, well done design. When it comes to online arbitrage tools, the one thing that reigns supreme above all other factors is the volume and quality of the data. How many products are in its database? How fresh is the data? This is a very big deal because the more books in the database, the profitable a tool is going to be.

See below. And what data there was with eFlip seemed to be old and not refreshed often eFlip does not have a statement on how often its data is refreshed. See for yourself and make the call:.

My email to their support was answered in about 3 hours, and it offers a good range of text and video tutorials.The internet is full of get rich quick money making scams but for the first time in a long time, I came across something that can actually turn into a business. What is that something? Zen Arbitrage! I happened to be on FaceBook a while back and came across a sponsored ad for a company that was promoting trading in books to Amazon for profit.

I did a bit of digging as it sounded too good to be true and sure enough it was! The entire idea sounded absolutely insane! However, most of the books being purchased are purchased through Amazon and resold on Amazon through their FBA channel as in Fulfilled by Amazon!

Zen Arbitrage vs. eFlip: Which is the Better Online Book Arbitrage Software?

Let me state this once again. Why in the world would people purchase books through Amazon FBA at a higher price when the person could simply purchase an identical or similar book for less money on Amazon itself?

I was left scratching my head. The answer to my above question was actually quite simple. When an Amazon shopper knows that the order is being fulfilled by Amazon there is a comfort level.

Should an issue arise with the purchase there are safeguards in place that are not offered when you purchase through someone who is simply selling through Amazon. Additionally, if the person is an Amazon Prime member he or she can purchase the product, in the case a book, and get it with 2-day free shipping. However, I was still skeptical. Are there people out there, specifically Amazon Prime members who would pay more for a book due to safeguards and the ability to receive a book sooner than later?

When researching any sort of business opportunity I always check out the owner. I usually find that the owner was involved in some sort of scam company, closed it, opened another and was back at it again.

Peter Valley, the owner of Zen Arbitrage, has been an Amazon seller since and has published various books 14 to be exact on the art of selling books on Amazon.

He is well respected and people have been making money for years through his teachings. I also located his YouTube channel which is all about purchasing books and reselling those books on Amazon for profit. Simply put, you use the software to search for books that can be purchased and resold on Amazon FBA for profit. The software provides a way for you to find out if any other book sources have the same book that can be purchased for less. There are various ways to search different search parameters for profitable books using the software and all is explained through training videos within Zen Arbitrage.

You may be thinking what I was thinking. What was I thinking? The answer is actually, NO! Everyone uses the software differently so there is a slim chance that you and another member are competing against each other. However, in the slim chance that you are competing in all likelihood, you both will still both be profitable. Will the books ever run out?

With hundreds of thousands of books already available with anotherto a 1, books being written every year the straight answer is again a resounding NO!

zen arbitrage complaints

Are people making money with Zen Arbitrage? I can attest that people are making money. The Zen Arbitrage Facebook group consists of people new to Zen Arbitrage as well as those who have utilized Zen Arbitrage for quite some time and are making money from it. There are people making earning a few hundred dollars per month and others who are earning thousands of dollars per month but many people are making money with Zen Arbitrage.

How To Turn $50 Into $2,000 (& more): The Simple Textbook Arbitrage Formula, Using Zen Arbitrage

Zen Arbitrage is indeed an actual business.Alternately, could it be something sustainable? Four years later, online book arbitrage still works well for many folks. The problem is, most software is utter crap. If you need a visual, below are two screen captures of a texbook on Amazon. Click on each to enlarge them:. The above image shows the merchant-fulfilled price for a texbook in 'Good' condition.

Below shows the exact same book and condition, but sold by a 3rd party seller using Amazon FBA. Answer: Amazon Prime. Therein lies the arbitrage opportunity. If you can find the right books on Amazon at a far cheaper price - fulfilled by another 3rd party merchant like yourself, and buy the book, and then sell it via Amazon FBA at a much higher price, you can pocket the difference.

The problem is 1. Not to mention I personally know Amazon sellers who have lost a significant amount of money with it. My longtime readers know I never write about unsustainable or over-hyped tools or systems. And, please. If you buy either software tool, buy your flippable book invenotry in small increments at first.

Don't go "whole hog" and spend thousands of dollars on books until you're sure the system works for you and is profitable. And at least two competitors - that I know of - soon hit the market modeling themselves well, outright copying Zen Arbitrage. Zen Arbitrage and eFlip both provide Amazon data in a searchable format, allowing you to identify cheap books you can resell FBA for a profit.

Trust me, I looked hard. Zen Arbitrage has quite a few big features, which are totally absent from eFlip. Here are my top With eFlip, you have to click over to Amazon to view shipping costs, which adds an extra step.

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It saves you a click, but it also saves you money. When you combine this with Zen Arbitrage showing FBA offers which eFlip does not for most booksit makes finding profit as simple as comparing the price in the merchant fulfilled column with the price in the FBA column and comparing the two.Learn More.

Our tool finds cheap books with low or no FBA competition. Relist at your higher Fulfillment by Amazon price. Simple as that, now enjoy your pina colada! I built this freedom into Zen Arbitrage. Zen Arbitrage represents the culmination of my work : Turning online book arbitrage into a well-oiled machine that lets you run an Amazon empire from a computer — and make money in your sleep.

With Zen Arbitrage, I work hands-on with you: On our members-only webinars, email, our private Facebook group, and beyond. Today I work on Zen Arbitrage daily to make it the most profitable online tool there is, insure you make the most amount of money as quickly as possible, and most importantly, to enjoy the freedom that an online business provides.

I believe online book arbitrage is the ultimate freedom business. And I built this entire system from the ground up to share this freedom with anyone who wants it. I understood how to use Zen Arbitrage within five minutes. Within fifteen minutes, I was purchasing books for resale.

I expect to sell them each for 10x what I paid.

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Zen Arbitrage offers an intuitive way for book resellers to find lowball offers that are ripe for making a profit. Simple as that. Not bad for 3 nights of sitting in front of my computer in my gym shorts and a t-shirt. I jumped at the chance to try out Zen Arbitrage… and I fell in love at first click!

Zen Arbitrage does exactly that. Over the few days I tested out the software, I purchased over 50 books with healthy margins in a fraction of the time that it normally takes. Not bad for 15 minutes of work! Zen Arbitrage is a game-changer. Massive Training Program — The most detailed online book arbitrage training in the world — beginner to advanced.

A True Virtual Business — Run from anywhere in the world. Built-In Profit Tracking — Track all sales and profits with our built-in tool. All prices displayed include shipping, removing all guesswork about costs.

For every experience level, over 50 videos inside our book arbitrage library help you hit the ground running and making money as quickly as possible. Current rank can be misleading.

Zen Arbitrage Review – An Honest Review of Zen Arbitrage

Join our live monthly webinars where we get together, hang out, answer all questions live, and plan world domination. List it for sale in our Marketplace — where other sellers will pay you for the ISBN of the books you find. We are personally dedicated to your success, and you can text your answers to our founder day or night. Not answered by some assistant or robot: Real, live support from the inventor of online book arbitrage. Sad but true: Founders of other tools only pretend to sell on Amazon in order to sell you things.

We are founded and run by real Amazon sellers with over a decade in the game. And if you still need more time? Not a problem. No contracts No sign up fee No strings One-click cancellation.The non-FBA listings are being sold and shipped directly from the book owner and do not go to Amazon first.

There are 10s of s of books that will work for this that the Zen Arbitrage tool can find for you at any given time as the listings change daily. In other words, there is a ton of books to go around for everyone doing this so reaching saturation in book arbitrage is highly unlikely to happen any time soon.

There is absolutely no ad spend or any kind of advertising with this method of book arbitrage. The prep services will receive, inspect, grade, list, box, and ship to Amazon FBA all the books Amazon sends to them on your behalf. You would just spend your time finding more books to profit from and manage adjust your book prices up or down when needed etc.

Zen Arbitrage also has a market place where other Zen members have found highly profitable books that they list for sale for a few dollars for the ISBN of the book. You can also find and list good books and make a few dollars per book without having to buy and list any books yourself the other side of that.

This is so you can get an even higher ROI from it before anyone else that just does the normal searching. Zen Arbitrage was the first of its kind and remains the best, even after several companies tried their hardest to knock them off. The owner, Peter Valley, even gives you his personal cell number so you can text him with any questions before or after you join. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Business Review. Overall User Rating: Overall Rating. Overall Rating. Overall User Rating:.This is a cloud-based software that allows you to search the Amazon marketplace for cheap books, then resell them via Amazon FBA, then profit the difference…. This is just a shallow explanation of it! It does a lot more than that, as it has a variety of features some of which I will be getting into later on. Here are just some:. This software is the very definition of ebook arbitrage, of course, there are similar tools out there but they only show you outliers instead of showing you all the data on Amazon FBA.

Check out this video below and decide for yourself:. Watch on youtube. Here are some ways you can use this software for banking massive commissions:. Although reselling books for a much higher price is great, there are a few problems that it may present to the people that are actually looking to generate consistent revenue using this model, for example:. I will agree, those may not be deal-breakers for some people, especially considering the fact that this software simplifies arbitrage to a great degree, however, I feel that it also limits people in earning a stable income as its seasonal!

This program is definitely not a scam! But the model is quite demanding and taxing, because to set up your business properly you need to connect with people you may not know, especially if you desire to setup a prep service. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents 1 Zen Arbitratge 1. The best in the biz… 5 What makes it unique?

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What differentiates it from the rest of the other software? Features 8. Ease of Use 9. Price 8. Training 8.I may earn a commission from any purchases made as a result of content displayed anywhere on this blog post.

zen arbitrage complaints

But is it really that good? I do think that Caleb Roth is an excellent person who has built one of the best known software platforms available. If you read the reviews, guys like Reezy and Raiken really do praise this bit of software. Compared to other software platforms, it does have some good outliers. The professional platform does help book buyers to source more books from Amazon themselves, only to resell back on to the platform. Not my cup of tea as a private label seller, but I can understand the allure of this strategy.

After all, you gotta start somewhere! Only those most committed with the highest levels of work ethic actually find some level of success. Caleb Roth is one example of an individual with work ethic.

You can use eFLIP in other countries.

zen arbitrage complaints

Plus — those boxes are heavy! This way it keeps their house clean. But one of my favorite bloggers, Jordan Malik, has come out with the facts. Sorry Caleb! Also, praise for Jordan for not using affiliate links. This makes me want to buy from him immediately! Like him, I do monetize some of my blog content through affiliate marketing, with many posts containing no referral links. Tactical Arbitrage is catered towards reselling many things, not just textbooks.

In my opinion, many people can start with the book reselling game but should focus to build a sustainable and reliable business through wholesale or private label. There are still plenty of opportunities to find profitable in China or India, to then resell on Amazon.

Others choose the wholesale strategy. Of course, everything takes a crap load of capital and work. If you read the reviews, all except for Jordan have affiliate links attached. I look forward to continuing to build out my content here and share my experiences with eFLIP.


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